Devils Colony

by Cole Swanson

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“Devils Colony: Spit Spectre (sculpture), human and cormorant-foraged materials, textiles, PVC, and earth.” – Cole Swanson

Hamilton Artists Inc

Devil’s Colony is a cross-disciplinary exhibition that examines the sociocultural, material, and scientific relationships between humans and an often-reviled colonial species, double-crested cormorants. The exhibition examines the material connections between humans and cormorants as demonstrated by the birds’ collection of non-biodegradable waste materials. Devil’s Colony is a recreation of the nesting site and its dramatic shifts in ecological activity. The work transports patrons into the heart of the colony to bear witness to the complex lives of a burgeoning species at a critical sociocultural and political moment. Through this intimate, material encounter, Devil’s Colony attempts to promote curiosity and empathy to consider the manifold relationships we share with other agents in the natural world.