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Innerarity Point” 2019

40 x 72 inches
Collaged video projected onto gouache on found paper painting.

This work is a collage of both video and still photography taken on a single day on one of the remaining natural beaches along Perdido Bay, Alabama.  The waves gently move between the shadows of the palmettos and fallen trees, anticipating the rising seas that will come.

remember the mountain, remember the sea” 2019

61.5 x 47.5
Gouache and thread on found paper

This image, based on a photograph I took of trees reflected in the waters of a marsh, is a kind of slow waterfall of geological drift, islandisation, disintegration and the deep undercurrents of change in a fragmented landscape.

a fragment land” 2020
49.5 x 37.75
Gouache and thread on found paper

Based on photographs of vegetation clinging to an eroding cliff, the abstraction and dislocation in this piece speaks to its title, “a fragment land”. We consume and commodify land, hem it in, ravage its surface, pave over or divide it with walls and fences and cover it with monocultures. What are the in-between spaces that are left to natural systems?