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About Us

The ARThropocene is an online art project created by four Arts Management students, Panna Regőczy (Hungary), Kaya Todorovic (Netherlands) and Clara Bourhis (France) studying at International Business School in Budapest, Hungary. Our project emphasizes and discusses the issue of Anthropocene through fine art. We collaborate with international artists and publish a selection of their artworks, focusing on to highlight their different approach to the subject of Anthropocene. Our aim is to raise awareness about the irreversible human impact on the ecosystem of the Earth and initiate a discourse about important issues connected to the Anthropocene such as global warming, environmental pollution, species extinction, deforestation, overpopulation, etc. Furthermore, readers can get a closer look into our artists’ life, creative process and personal opinion about Anthropocene in the interviews.


Interviews with the artists

Éva Bubla

Éva Bubla

Éva Bubla Artist, activist, educator Éva is a Hungarian artist, activist and educator. Her works articulate social and ecological concerns and are strongly connected to the specific environment and community. At the boundaries of art and science, her projects aim to...

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